Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sculpting at GenCon 2013

This year at GenCon, I had the pleasure of teaching six sculpting classes and meeting nearly 40 people who share my enthusiasm for creating miniature toy soldiers. The majority of the classes focused on basic elements that can be tricky when sculpting your first miniature. By far the most important is making a proportionate armature.

With that being said, and as promised to my students, here is an image of the measurements for making a typical 35mm miniature.

Good luck and keep sculpting!


Paul Roethele said...

I enjoyed the class a lot - picked up some Fimo & ordered some armatures yesterday, looking forward to getting more practice!

Calvin Leblanc said...

How tall are the armatures for your dwarf miniatures is there a different size for those versus a human 28mm figure? What type of putty are you using. I have green stuff 2 part epoxy from gamesworshop but i am positive thats not what you used on the Sci Fi hacker model.. I want to learn how to sculp my own dwarf figures for my warhammer fantasy army and i saw ur video on youtube but there was no commentary but i love watching it all. You are very talented..

Calvin Leblanc said...

oh and do you use a wet brush by chance?

Tina Likness said...

I am getting ready to start my first miniature sculpt. I really appreciate the plethora of information your YouTube videos have provided. If you have a similar armature template for 28mm figures, I would find it very helpful! ;) Thanks for sharing!