Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tom's Modern Definition of "friend"

I was talking to cRistof today about adding people as friends on FaceBook when he said, "i need to look up what "friend" means :)", as it pertains to who should be your "friend". Here's the definition I came up with.

Tom's Modern Definition of "friend" n. A person you met at one time in your life and whose name you can remember just long enough to search and find on FaceBook and other social networking sites.



Katie M said...

Oh, my gosh, that was hysterical. Did you really find that or just make it up completely. I loved it. You are so witty.

ScoreSetter said...'re on my friends list. That means you still remember my name. Now if only you remembered my birthday, ha!

mert said...

can in laws be counted as freinds or are they always in laws?

Chris_Ian-Banz said...

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